Old Spice Whitewater Deodorant Body Spray For Men 150 Ml 0% Aluminium Salts

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Product Description
It is often claimed that water is the strongest element on earth. This widespread myth is not true, because water is neither an element nor is it as strong as uranium. According to the experts at Old Spice, Old Spice Whitewater is a very fresh fragrance. That's what those who know about fragrances say. Get the Old Spice shower gel and experience for yourself that this fresh scent of pure masculinity is still missing from your periodic table.

Features and Benefits
Old Spice Whitewater is an intense fragrance with amber, sandalwood and citrus notes that will make you unforgettable and the center of the universe

48 hours free from body odor

Protects against white residue and yellow stains on clothing

Long-lasting, irresistible freshness