Website T&Cs

Last Updated: 29/05/2020


1. Terms & Conditions

P&G offers its employees and retirees the possibility to buy a wide range of P&G products at favorable prices. Those products are for employees’ and their immediate family’s personal use, they cannot be resold.

The Company shop is a benefit and does not aim at being a showroom of every P&G product available throughout the world. Given the variety of P&G products, handling and logistic costs, as well as global guidelines and local legislation, not every product can be made available in the shop.

Employees can purchase up to 400 CHF worth of products each month, with limits on some SKUs (limits can be found on the website). Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. Orders need to be checked before online payment. Return or changes of products are not possible.


2. Process


Goods can be ordered every day 24/7 on the online Webshop.

Customers receive an e-mail notification when it is ready for pick-up.



Goods can be collected from 48-72 hours after you order, during GBC opening hours (location will be indicated in the notification e-mail - Day parking/Dock area 1).

Payment will be done online after validation of your online order.


3. Contact Point

Alen Hidic -